About Us

We all agree YETI coolers are awesome right?

So what can make even the most awesome cooler even better...a YETI cooler from CamoCoolers.com!

CamoCoolers.com started as a hydrographic shop in Santa Fe Texas. We've applied our performance camo finishes to everything from firearms to China dinnerware. When a customer came through the door with his YETI cooler, looking to have the lid processed in his favorite camo, we started talking about making this awesome look available to people who want to buy a new YETI with a custom finish.

We've worked hand in hand with chemists to develop paints and materials that resist abrasion, stand up to the harshest environments and resist even the relentless Texas sun! We test, re-test and continually abuse our finishes to make sure we're using the best materials and application procedures, so our customers get the highest quality finishes on their YETI products. Our finishes are backed by a two-year guarantee that insures against craftsmanship or material defects.

We constantly torture test samples of our work to make sure our customers receive the best product on the market. Our finishes are built to last!

CamoCoolers.com can custom finish any YETI product with your Company's logo, Team name or personal brand, making an awesome gift, raffle item or keepsake.

Our Team would love to hear from you, we have designers ready to help bring your ideas to life!

Thanks for stopping by!

The CamoCoolers.com Team